We live in a holiday place – the beach is five minutes away, the weather warm all year round, we have a big house and I enjoy cooking – I even write about it for a living. Guess what? Our friends love to come to visit and we are happy to entertain them.

Sometimes this can be too much, especially when you only have one bedroom with limited sleeping places. The other day, we had a family of five drop in – out of the blue. They had sent a message, but I had been so buried in writing my new cookbook that I had overlooked it.

There they stood with smiling faces on our door step. Unfortunately, we only have three guest beds, too few sleeping places.
While we were still pondering how to accommodate them, a courier arrived – with the Intex air mattress we had just ordered. You cannot imagine our relief. I tipped the courier man an extra five, I was so happy. I even decided to join the people who have written glowing Intex air mattress reviews.
air bed for guest
Thanks to the Intex air mattress, our guests had a wonderful time with us. The Intex mattress was set up in no time at all, thanks to the built-in electrical pump. The flocked surface felt almost like a soft cotton sheet. Although our friends love to eat and their bodies show it, they slept very well. The two chambers of the air mattress make it feel like a solid bed. Nothing shakes, everything holds, even under heavy weights. An indent around the air mattress makes it easy to slip fitted sheets over the air mattress.

Now we don’t have to fear surprise guests any more. We have had our Intex air mattress for well over one year and we have used it many times. The quality is excellent and I don’t want to miss it. When our guests leave, we slip the mattress into its duffel bag and store it in our closet. Its handy size fits into the bottom space of our cupboards where it can rest safe and sound until we need it again.